Discreet   Elite   Protection

Protection: noun.
To defend, protect, shield, guard, safeguard, mean to keep secure from danger or against attack.
Source: Oxford English Dictionary

We are highly trained, licenced operatives with almost three decades’ experience in ensuring the security of the world’s highest-profile individuals and their families. Our honed primal instinct to protect keeps our clients safe in any given context.


Agility is the signature of our approach. We adapt to the unique demands of every moment – responding rapidly and decisively. And each client’s unique needs form the basis of our non-intrusive yet deeply reassuring presence.


Intelligence is our greatest strength; brain outmuscles brawn.

The ultimate protection is prevention, and that relies on applying precise ‘what if’ planning to every situation.

By anticipating a potential threat before it arises, we can counter it with deft and discreet action.


Our services are most commonly called for in the following scenarios:
  • Daily personal & family life
  • Work schedules
  • Rehearsals, walk-throughs, auditions & medicals
  • Training
  • Matches & games
  • Recording sessions & touring
  • TV & film production
  • Junkets, premieres & press events
  • Fashion shows / Fashion Week
  • Road & air travel logistics


We have taken measures to enable safe, continuous and close personal protection within the limitations of the global pandemic.

We create bio-secure working bubbles. We take regular tests from our reserved supply of Covid-19 PCR swab kits, with a guaranteed turnaround time for results from an NHS England-approved laboratory. And we’re able to support the need for treatment through our dedicated, established Harley Street medical partner.
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